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2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV in Brooklyn

“The plug-in, hybrid SUV for the future of adventures.” —

  • 74 MPGe Est.*
  • Seating for 5
  • Super All-wheel Control (S-AWC)
  • Towing capacity 1,500 lbs*
  • Five drive modes
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    Outlander PHEV

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2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV performance

The PHEV System

Outlander PHEV automatically switches between electric and gas power to deliver stellar, on-demand performance, and outstanding efficiency - up to 741 MPGe. In EV Mode, the vehicle is powered by twin electric motors and energy is sourced exclusively from the PHEV's lithium-ion battery pack. Yep, that's 100% electric-powered, zero-emission driving.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV performance

Versatility mode - activated

2021 sees the addition of two new driver modes for the Outlander PHEV. Joining PHEV's roster of Normal, Gravel and S-AWC ECO mode is Snow mode, which provides an extra measure of control on icy, slippery surfaces, and Sport Mode, which allows for a more spirited throttle response for when you want to kick things up a notch. With the addition of these two modes, you can comfortably drive the PHEV just about anywhere.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV performance

The power behind the PHEV

Besides you? Well, under the hood of the PHEV lies high-output twin electric motors that provide immediate torque and instant, all-wheel drive acceleration with zero emission. Not to forget the new and improved 2.4L gas engine for when you're really motoring.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV performance

Super All-Wheel Control system

Outlander PHEV continues Mitsubishi's all-wheel-drive heritage with the Super All-Wheel Control system, combining several advanced technologies to give you maximum traction. Come rain, shine, snow or gravel, Outlander PHEV offers stable and responsive handling in a variety of driving conditions.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV performance

Regenerative braking

Who knew stopping could keep you going? Unlike traditional braking which loses energy between wheels and brake pads, regenerative braking converts that energy to electricity for PHEV to use later. In the Outlander PHEV, you can use steering-mounted paddle shifters to adjust coasting levels and control the amount of energy being recycled.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV performance

Plenty of pulling power

The Outlander PHEV is a plug-in hybrid designed with versatility and capability in mind. When equipped with the available towing package, you can haul up to 1,500 lbs worth of cargo.


2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV comfort

Power Driver Lumbar Support

Designed to provide maximum comfort and postural support, Outlander PHEV's Power Driver Lumbar Support lets you manually adjust and tailor your perfect seating position with both power and manual controls.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV comfort

Customizable cargo space

Designed for busy lives, the 2021 Outlander PHEV's customizable cargo space, like the 60/40 back seat configuration, gives you up to 66.6 cu/ft of room-perfect for electrifying adventures and serene getaways.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV comfort

Power up!

PHEV has plenty of options for charging. Head to your nearest DC Fast Charging station and charge your PHEV to 80% in about 25 minutes — time for you to stop and grab a coffee. Visit a level two public station to reach full power in less than four hours. More time on your hands? Plug into a standard 120V outlet at home to charge your battery in less than 8 hours, or reach full capacity in half the time, with a professionally installed 240V charging station.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV comfort

Smartphone Link Display Audio system

Stay connected with the 8" Smartphone Link Display Audio system. Jam to your favorite playlists via Bluetooth®*, navigate smoothly through journeys, and access your favorite apps with Apple CarPlay®* and Android Auto*.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV comfort

Mitsubishi Remote Control

Control vehicle functions using your smartphone with Mitsubishi's Remote Control app. Create a charging schedule that fits your lifestyle; control cooling, heating and defrosting before getting in the vehicle; monitor your charging session costs, and more — all from the convenience of the app.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV comfort

Power Sound System

The available Mitsubishi Power Sound System (MPSS) is comprised of eight, premium speakers that deliver rich trebles and deep, resounding bass and give your favorite songs and playlists the treatment they deserve.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV comfort

Premium interior comes standard

Experience electrifying, upper-class design and skip the package upgrade. Every GT trim comes standard with luxurious interior details like diamond quilted seats that take style and comfort to new levels.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV comfort

Someone ask for an extension cord?

In the GT trim, you can tap directly into the PHEV's main drive battery from the rear seat and cargo area with 1500W of power at your disposal. Level up your camping trips with a coffee maker, speakers, or even party lights for the evening. The outdoors just got a little more civilized.



Anchored by a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty*, a roadside assistance plan that provides help if you need it for five full years*, and a commitment to innovation that comes from nearly a century of building some of the world's best engineered automobiles, Mitsubishi Confidence is your assurance that your new Mitsubishi will be there for you today, tomorrow and long into the future.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV Safety Main Img
2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV safety

Drive with extra peace of mind

In the Outlander PHEV, enjoy advanced safety technologies like Forward Collision Mitigation with Pedestrian Detection*, Lane Departure Warning*, Rear Cross Traffic Alert* and Automatic High Beam.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV safety

Adaptive Cruise Control*

Available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) employs radar technology to judge distances between you and the vehicle ahead, helping you maintain a safe driving distance. If the car moves out of your lane or goes beyond your set speed, the system will resume your set speed.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV safety

Rain-sensing wipers

Keep your hands on the wheel during inclement weather with standard rain-sensing windshield wipers. Activating at the first drop of rain, the wipers adjust to match the frequency of rainfall so you can continue to focus on what's ahead.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV safety

Blind Spot Warning and Lane Change Assist*

Standard Blind Spot Warning and Lane Change Assist Systems alerts you when a vehicle is in or approaching your blind spot. When a vehicle is traveling at the same speed or faster in the detection areas, a warning light illuminates in the corresponding side mirror. If your turn signal is on, the warning light on the corresponding mirror blinks and the system then beeps three times to signify it is unsafe to change lanes.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV safety

Multi-view camera system*

This available feature uses multiple cameras around the vehicle to create a composite, bird's-eye view of your Outlander PHEV, in addition to a wide-angle view, helping to show what's directly behind you. Parking just got a whole lot easier.

2021 MITSUBISHI Outlander PHEV safety

Light the way

Available LED headlights and standard fog lights offer better visibility when inclement weather descends. In fog, rain or snow, navigate safely with a clear view of the road ahead.

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